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  • Solar Systems Residential and Commercial 

  • LED Lighting for Office's, Warehouse and Manufacturing, Auto Dealerships etc

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 APC is not just another energy broker...

We help you find the best time and price for your future contracts

Our Strategy 

85% of our clients, realized they had been purchasing their electricity contracts wrong. They were all experts in their line of business yet had never been taught the best purchasing strategies for electricity. Now they have a simple strategy.

Electricity is a Commodity; Why not treat it like a commodity and buy it like a commodity.

If you purchase Gold, you don’t make the purchase on a calendar date, you study the fundamentals of the market, you recognize when the commodity is at a favorable price, and you make your purchase.

We understand the energy market. We know the market and guide you through the volatilities that cost you thousands of dollars. We help you avoid the peaks and lead you to making purchases during the bearish markets.

Most importantly, we are the experts in Power, you are the expert in your field of work. Lets be smart and work together.


 Depending on the business size, future increase or decreases, APC’s products can be customized to fit your particular needs.


          Electricity Products

  •        Immediate Start/Switch dates

  •        Fixed Index Pricing

  •        MCPE Pricing

  •        Aggregated Pricing for multiple locations

  •        Flexible terms to meet an end goal strategy

  •        Terms from 3 months to 60 months to fill you

                   long range Electricity Requirements.   

Competitive Pricing

Our Retail Electric Providers (REP’s) are the best at the futures market. Between our REP’s we always offer you the Best Pricing and more importantly the Right Time to purchase. 

New Business with new meter installation needs?

·       Let Affinity-Power Co. handle the communications with the Utility Company and Retail Electric Provider.