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What to look for in a Residential Contracts

Length of the contract

     3, 6, 12, 24 months. Low rates are associated with short term contracts. This may be risky yet great if your time frame fits           their short term contract.

Fixed vs Variable Rates

     Typically residential rates are sold on a fixed index, yet there have been attractive 

Early Termination Fees

     Vary by REP. Typically are higher with the more discounts or products offered to lower pricing.

Type of Power

     Electricity is generated by several different manners and should be priced accordingly. Different types such as;

     Nuclear, Natrual Gas and Coal are most common and base pricing.

     Solar and Wind generated power are very common to support the lowering of emissions into the ozone and are more costl

Residential Customers

At APC, we keep residential electricity simple.


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