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If you usage of Natural Gas derives from cooking, boilers or manufacturing facilities.  We need to talk.

APC has several options to allow you to manage your cost and control your risk, flatten price curves, avoid market spikes. Bottom we will improve the accuracy of your budget.

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Our Natural Gas Services

Affinity Power Company serves a number of small to large businesses ranging from family laundry services, restaurants, financial institutes, manufacturing facilities and growing. 

Pricing Options

Affinity Power Company offers a variety of pricing options for all of our customers. Our supplier's operate on an active trade floor with access to numerous exchanges and markets. This allows us to act quickly and concisely to fulfill each customers needs.

Fixed Rate Contracts: We can supply you with a fixed price for natural gas, eliminating your exposure to volatile markets. Your business can lock in a key component of it’s operating cost for the short or long term.

Variable Rate Contracts: If you more comfortable allowing your cost of gas to float with the market each month, this plan will be more suitable.

Hybrid Rate Plans: If you would like to float with the market, but not for your entire monthly load, we can establish a contract with both a fixed and a variable component.

Fixed Price Triggers: Some of our customers prefer to watch natural gas markets and make their own price calls. If a customer sees the market sink to a favorable level we can lock in the price.

Seasonal Contracts: Many of our customers burn a bulk of their gas in specific times of year. We offer contracts that lock in prices for those seasonal needs.