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About Commercial Electricity 

Electricity the Commodity

Electricity is a Commodity; Why not buy it like a commodity. 

If you purchase other commodities such as Gold or other precious metals etc., you don’t make the purchase on a calendar date, you make the purchase following a strategy that shows you the time the commodity is at a favorable price.

Electricity the Strategy

90% of our clients realized that they have purchased their electricity contracts at

the wrong time and it cost most of their businesses unnecessary financial losses. 

We understand the energy market. We know what fundamentals trigger upward movements in Electricity as well as what drives the market downward. At APC, we can speak to you intelligently and guide you through the volatilities that may cost you thousands of dollars. We help you see the peak and valley's with the attempt to avoid your costly mistakes of the past.


based on specific needs and risk factors you provide us. 

Electricity & Your Future

Depending on the size and complexity of your electricity consumption, the needs

and risk factors you provide us, APC will:

  • Introduce you to products that best control your expenses.
  • Create Alarm Triggers to warn you of markets trends that can support or adversely effect your future contracts.
  • Communicate to through monthly / quarterly market updates and trends in the power market.