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APC is very interested in providing Affinity Programs for your Home Owners Associations, Schools, Sporting Groups, Churches, and various associations. Our REP's provide us the flexibility to aggregate your groups usage and provide a controled energy cost. Call us and allow us to open the door to greater Savings & Fund Raising capabilities. 

"I own a small retail store and failed to realize I was under a residential contract. The kWh price offered by Affinity Power Company paid for the early termination fee in 3 months and lowered my cost for the next  33 months. 

It didn't make sense not to work with APC."


                                                             Sugarland, Texas

  • Fixed Rate Contracts
  • Variable Rate Contracts
  • Hybrid Rate Plans
  • Fixed Price Triggers
  • Seasonal Contracts 
  • EPC
  • Solar and Greenovation Projects
  • Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Stations
  • TurnKey Projects
  • Financing and Lease Options

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  • Fixed Pricing
  • MCPE Pricing
  • Aggregated Pricing for multiple locations
  • Index Pricing
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Power Programs

"I was ready to sign with another REP when I met Affinity Power Company. They showed me a new way to view my electricity purchasing and how it will save hundreds if not thousands of dollars in the future.

I was sold. No one had ever taught me the basics of the electricity commodity markets ."

​                                                Retired Oil and Gas  CPA

"Our current provider repeatedly said they were sending out my new representative to discuss our contract and pricing. I never heard from them.

APC stopped by and educated me in 10 minutes on how to improve our purchases. It is a simple process, no pressure and great contract pricing."  


                                            CEO - Financial Institution


About Us

We Care & We Listen


Many of our careers have spanned over 30+ years of sales and service to individuals and large corporations. The one common denominator through all clients, is one thing, they want to know what you can do to help them. Kenneth Blanchard wrote, "They don't care what you know until they know that you care"


At APC we care about your companies future. It is our goal to enable you to improve your purchasing procedures and take control of your future power expenses.

In need of reviewing your current Electricity and Natural Gas contracts, or to discuss Renewable Energy. Affinity Power is your team to walk you through the process and provide you the answers.