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If you are looking to increase the profitability of your book of business, we offer the highest commission in the industry.

Call us to see how you too can qualify.

Contract Part Time Energy Reps and Referral Partners openings

Familiar with the energy business or have multiple contacts in the commercial business arena? Call and lets discuss how you can turn those contacts into thousands of dollars selling  or referring your current clients.


Affinity Power Company

Commercial Electricity Broker

APC is your Commercial Electricity Partner

Affinity Power company in Houston understands the importance of having the right energy partners. APC is the right commercial electricity consultant that is after the best interest of their clients. With years of experience we will help you create a strategy that will show you when and how to purchase your next power contract.

If you need Commercial Electricity, Natural Gas, or Solar Energy please call for current market trends, conditions and pricing.

Solar Power

Lowering your carbon footprint? Lowering your exposure to future electricity price increases?

Solar Power may provide your solution..                      

Natural Gas

Another deregulated commodity APC offers sever options and products to control you future NG expenses.                    

Power Products

Powering Texas  

Our Strategy 

85% of our clients, realized they had been purchasing their electricity contracts wrong. They were all experts in their line of business yet had never been taught the best purchasing strategies for electricity. Now they have a simple strategy.

Electricity is a Commodity; Why not treat it like a commodity and buy it like a commodity.

If you purchase Gold, you don’t make the purchase on a calendar date, you study the fundamentals of the market, you recognize when the commodity is at a favorable price, and you make your purchase.

We understand the energy market. We know the market and guide you through the volatilities that cost you thousands of dollars. We help you avoid the peaks and lead you to making purchases during the bearish markets.

Most importantly, we are the experts in Power, you are the expert in your field of business. Lets work smarter and work together.


​Deregulated in Texas in 2002, is sold by many brokers but few guide you through the complete strategic process through out your contract term.     

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